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Lighting Options for the Kitchen

Posted on February 24th, 2010 by

A design columnist for the Washington Post recently posed the question, “Is your kitchen glaring at you?” And, if you’re “pinned beneath the clinical glare of a monstrous 45-by-16-inch fluorescent light fixture” situated over your island–as this columnist is–then odds are, yes, your kitchen is glaring at you.

Thankfully, today’s kitchens are all about creating layers of light from various sources, such as “general lighting through small recessed ceiling fixtures; task lighting over the sink or range and under cabinets; and accent lighting.¬†Every time you turn on a switch you can change the look of your room.”

Check out some of these photos from a recent Design Build Team project, in which we incorporated a combination of track lighting, a show-stopping pendant, recessed lighting, and abundant natural light in efforts to create the most desirable glow for these homeowners.




Sustain-Able: a position on sustainable thinking and terms.

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 by

The world today is supersaturated with terms, brands, and names that define sustainability. In fact, this author sometimes forgets what words like sustainability, environment, and green even mean. Amidst a cultural movement in which an entirely new dictionary of terms has emerged to create an entirely confusing discourse, it seems the terms themselves have existed before their actual meaning. For example, what does it mean to be organic? If it is organic beef, does that mean that the cows were not injected with growth hormones, or is it that they were raised in a free-range environment, or maybe that no chemicals were used in the packaging process from farm to market? The point is, with most of the sustainability terms and processes out there today, there are few who could agree on what they mean. This is especially frustrating for the consumer.

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What Really Matters to Design Build Team’s Clients

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 by

If there’s one positive learning experience that residential designers and builders have gleaned from the economic downturn, it is that homeowners and architects alike are truly taking into consideration what really matters.

For some, it’s pared-down luxury; think losing the three-car garage in favor of a three-season screened-in porch or trading marble countertops for a mudroom. For others, it’s about getting back to basics; it’s evident that homeowners have an increasingly vested interest in sticking with designs that will keep their lifestyles organized, comfortable, and useful.

So what truly matters to clients of Design Build Team? For some, it’s comforts like a library, expansive storage space in the master bedroom, or wall-to-wall windows allowing for plenty of natural light. Take a look below to see some photos of our most recent residential projects.