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Add a Personal Touch to Your Home with a Photo Wall

Posted on December 30th, 2010 by

If you’re looking for appealing pieces of art to hang on your walls, you may not have to search any further than your attic. One of the best ways to showcase your personality and décor style is by posting up family photos in areas they’re most likely to be seen. But there’s a ton of nifty tips and tricks to really make this décor approach your own. This recent article featured three respected designers and their take on adding personal wall art to your home.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Tips from Genevieve Gorder of HGTV’s Dear Genevieve and Design Star:
1. Candid photos tell more of a story than posed. They tell who you are.�
2. Low-quality or boring photos can be transformed into great wall art with plenty of easy to use computer software programs.
3. Take a favorite family photo and have it reprinted as a repeating image on rolls of paper. Frame it, or use it as wrapping paper for gifts.

Tips from Brian Patrick Flynn, editor of Décor Demon:
1. Family photos with personal links or that look like a moment captured in time are a great choice. Photos should tell your story, but they don’t need to be perfect.
2. If you opt for professional shots, have the photographer capture you and your family doing something you love. It’s more personal (and more fun) than a studio.
3. Photos should mimic your normal life, so dressing alike isn’t always a credible choice.
4. Websites like Shutterfly allow you to take photos to another level by using images to create coffee mugs, t-shirts, photo albums and over-sized prints.
5. Find a photo of inanimate but meaningful object and have it specially printed as a large vinyl poster to cover one wall.
6. Choose one large wall for a collage of about 20 pictures. Go with a variety of frames – different colors, sizes and textures.
7. Keep framed photos close rather than staggered, this way guests can tell it’s meant to be a collage.

Tips from Betsy Burnham, Los Angeles-based interior designer:

1. Be able to differentiate which photos are okay for common areas, and which should be in more private spaces like bedrooms, guestrooms and upstairs hallways.
2. Team photos may not be the most interesting for guests to look at, but in a kid’s room they’re great for showing how children have evolved over the years.

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Thinking About Renovating? Think Outside the Box!

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If you’re thinking about doing home renovations or adding any specialty, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There are endless possibilties to choose from no matter how big or small your space may be. We scoured HGTV’s photo galleries and came up with a few inspirational ideas that just might get your juices flowing. No matter what your style is – conventional vs. free-spirit; Tuscan vs. Oriental – a little imagination can get you exactly what you want.

Home gym
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If you have a lovely outdoor view – mountains, water or city skyline- an exercise room would be the perfect place to enjoy the scenery while you work up a sweat.

Home gym
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Another option for an exercise room is to maintain a focused, enclosed atmosphere as many public gyms do.

Home spa
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If it’s difficult to relax in other parts of your home, a spa-like relaxation area can be quite a treat. No need to schedule trips to a spa when you have one in your own home, right?

Laundry room
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A laundry room doesn’t have to look like, well, a laundry room. If washing, fluffing and folding isn’t a hobby of yours, you can at least make the area you do it in a pleasant and stylish one.

Man Cave
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The notorious man-cave may seem like a well-known myth, but they do exist. And they’re pretty cool.

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You don’t have to live near a beach to get that seaside feel at home. Just a few coats of paint, a beautiful view and plenty of sunlight will do the trick.
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Sunrooms are a great way to exhibit certain color schemes you may have been afraid to experiment with inside the home. It’s your space to do whatever you choose!
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A beautiful, enclosed sunroom area is a special treat because it can be enjoyed year-round. Floor-to-ceiling windows, patio furniture and tons of sunlight make this an outdoor and indoor oasis all in one!

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Go Green This Holiday Season

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Sustainability is important to us here at Design Build Team, Inc. Through our Green Generation Homes we try and reduce our carbon imprint and make tomorrow “greener” for the next generation. You can help make a difference by recycling your Christmas tree this holiday season.

The Overland Park Parks Services Department is taking donated “real” Christmas trees and having them mulched, where it can be used in our city parks. This is a free service. All you have to do is remove your lights, tinsel, ornaments and tree stand and deliver your tree to the below drop off locations through Sunday, January 9th.

Young’s Park, 7701 Antioch
Indian Creek Rec Center, 10308 Marty
Quivira Park, 11901 Quivira
Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, 8909 W. 179th Street.

For more information you can contact Jim Twigg, environmental programs coordinator, at 913-895-6273 or by email at

Happy Holidays from Design Build Team!