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See Maggie’s Winning Cardboard Chair at First Friday!

Posted on March 31st, 2011 by
cardboard chair designed by Maggie Bauer Goss

Design by Maggie Bauer Goss

Do you remember when we shared the news of one of our architectural designers and project managers Maggie Bauer Goss winning a cardboard chair design competition in her furniture design class? Well this Friday, April 1st Maggie’s winning chair design will be on display at the Knoll Showroom for First Friday. The design of her chair features cardboard supplied from Arrowhead Containers and overlapping strapping. In the future Maggie’s chair will be manufactured out of permanent materials by Knoll Furniture. We recently saw the constructed chair out of grey stained Baltic birch with seat belt straps used for the strapping.

We are extremely proud and excited for Maggie who almost in her eighth month of pregnancy is still working hard and taking classes. We would like to invite you all out to help us support and congratulate Maggie at First Friday. We hope to see there!

5 Residential Designs You Won’t See in 2011

Posted on March 29th, 2011 by

profile4d-lgSince the New Year rolled around we’re sure you’ve been hearing about the latest trends in home building and products to include in your home if you are in the process of remodeling or building a new home. While you’ve been hearing what will be popular for this year, you probably haven’t heard much about what things are considered passé. Today we are going to share with you – residential home designs you won’t see much of, if at all this year.

  • Trophy Space
    • Gratuitous volume spaces such as two-story entryways are getting redlined since homeowners are looking to build more affordable, energy efficient homes.
  • Old World Facades
    • Turrets, corbels, and colonnades can be expensive, and are seen as extravagances in a new era of fiscal restraint.  The overall theme now is clean and simple.
  • Formal Rooms
    • Formal spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms have vanished from most middle-class homes now that architects are on the hook to make every square foot usable on a daily basis – not just on holidays and special occasions.
  • Just for Show
    • Kitchens and bathrooms are once again becoming a working part of the home, instead of a showcase of opulence.
  • Coming Home to a Dark, Cold House
    • Homeowners will begin to control all if not most of their technological functions remotely with smart phone apps that make their lives easier.

Information from Builder Online

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10 Ways to Reduce your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Posted on March 25th, 2011 by

Everyone is familiar with the age old adage “quality over quantity,” yet many homeowners don’t recognize the benefits of a smarter home over a larger one. We tackled the idea of a smaller, smarter home over one with a larger carbon footprint in our last Why Hire an Architect? segment “Quality Over Quantity.” To follow up we are going to share 10 ways you reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

  1. Schedule a home energy audit to track the energy use of your home.
  2. Recycle as much as possible
  3. Consider energy efficient upgrades available for tax credits such as certain home shell, heating and ventilation, and renewable energy technology upgrades.
  4. Unplug appliances when not in use
  5. Replace appliances with those with good energy ratings
  6. Switch to energy efficient lighting options such as CFL or LED bulbs
  7. Install a programmable thermostat
  8. Make sure your home is properly insulated with weatherstrips, caulk and insulation.
  9. Consider composting food waste to be reused as fertilizer
  10. Install water conserving shower heads, faucets and toilets and remember to turn water off when brushing, shaving and etc.

Have you taken any steps to reduce your home’s carbon footprint? If so, how?