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Quality of Light vs. Quantity of Light

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Homeowners love to let natural light into their home. Bringing in more natural light is a common request made by homeowners who are venturing into a home renovation. Many older homes have too many walls that keep the natural light in each room, instead of letting it flow throughout the home. However, if not carefully designed, adding more natural light in your home could create problems. But with effective implementation, bringing in more natural light to your home’s interior can reap huge rewards.

  • Abundant natural light in the home can  help offset a home’s energy loss or energy load by reducing use of artificial lighting
  • Passive solar design uses daylighting strategies to reduce energy use within the home

Balancing natural and artificial lighting in home design takes a combination of art and science. Most homeowners think they need more windows, when in fact, they just need carefully balanced lighting. You spend most of your daylight hours at work, so make sure that you spend more time, effort, and money focusing on lighting for aesthetic comfort and enjoyment rather than the “quantity of light”. Because in all honesty, the focus should really be on the “quality of light”.

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Your Quick Guide to Green Flooring

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It turns out that the floors in our homes are more than likely the culprits for indoor pollutant levels. Studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show that many of these pollutants within the home come from  the finishes, glues, and materials comprising our floors. So the question remains: What to look for when shopping around for green flooring.

Here is a quick guide to a few sustainable floor options for your new home build or home renovation.

Engineered Wood Flooring

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Not only does Manning Mills engineered wood flooring save more trees, they are made using a formaldehyde-free adhesive system that meets CARB standards and uses water-based finishes with no-VOC.


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LEED-certified Marmorette linoleum has over 65 tonal hues for you to choose from and all are made with the same renewable raw ingredients used back in 1909: such as cork powder, linseed oil, limestone and jute backing.

Porcelain Tile made from Recycled Content

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If you live the look of porcelain tile, this porcelain Brushstone tile by Shaw Floors contains 40% post-industrial recycled content and is closely priced or cost less than its non eco-friendly porcelain tile counterpart.

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Consider a Potting Room for your Green Home

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What better way to add value to your green home than to add a potting room or gardening room? Working out in the garden is a pleasure that many homeowners share. Many times you decorate your home interiors with a few of the beautiful blooms from your garden, but it can get a bit messy and you don’t always have a pretty day to work outside in the garden. That is why potting rooms are so convenient.

When you have a special space that is dedicated to doing all of your potting, pruning and arranging, it makes your hobby much more enjoyable. A great location for a potting room is attached to the garage, kitchen or in a basement. All you need is plenty of counter space, a place to hang or put away gardening tools, an under counter refrigerator for fresh cut blooms, a sink and large windows that let in plenty of sun.

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