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Recycled-Glass Countertops

Posted on September 23rd, 2011 by

With the rise of sustainable home interiors, many people are starting to be more environmentally cautious of materials they use in their home these days. For countertops, many companies are salvaging glass fragments that are available in all sorts of colors and shapes and mixing them with either epoxy resin or cement to make countertops. Depending on the manufacturer, the recycled glass makes up about 75 – 85 percent of the finished countertop.

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The recycled glass countertops are shaped and installed like natural stone with a very similar selection of edge profiles. The wonderful thing about these countertops is that they look beautiful and if hot pots are left on its surface, it will not result in burn marks, however, it could possibly affect the top’s sealer so trivets are recommended.

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Splurging in the Bathroom

Posted on September 21st, 2011 by

If there is one place where a little luxury goes a long way, it is in the bathroom. “In the bath, a blatant gesture of self-indulgence is easily justified.” Think about your experience when in a hotel suite bathroom. There is something wonderful about the “cater to you” quality of a luxury hotel bathroom that should be brought into your own personal master bath. In designing your updated bathroom, usually luxury is the most important factor for many homeowners.

There are plenty of options when it comes to renovating your bathroom with luxury as a main objective. Things like heated floors and towel bars, frameless glass showers, shapely soaking tubs, steam generators, and therapeutic showerheads are usually popular on the wish list, but do remember to use restraint. As we said earlier, a little luxury goes a long way in the bathroom, so don’t go overboard and over budget.

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Greater aesthetics in your Kitchen Remodel

Posted on September 16th, 2011 by

The kitchen is usually one of the first rooms homeowners want to renovate because it can start to loo outdated faster than the other rooms in your home. There are quite a few ways you can incorporate creative design into your new kitchen that focus more on aesthetics than function. But first you need to sit down with your home designer/builder to figure out all your needs then decide on a few wants too.

Take a look at these three kitchen design ideas featured on Traditional Home:

Hiding Appliances

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If you want the aesthetics of your kitchen to be the more prominent element of the design, hide your kitchen appliances in custom cabinetry.

More Open Shelves

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If you prefer more open shelving in your kitchen, it would help if you prefer a neat and orderly kitchen. This could be a great option for those with smaller kitchens who don’t cook on a regular basis.

Deep Drawers

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Eliminate hunting around on your knees in the kitchen. If you need design that is easier on your knees, replacing under counter cabinets with deep drawers helps you to store everything from large pots and pans to kitchen linens.

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