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The Social Kitchen: U-Shaped Kitchen with Island

Posted on May 21st, 2012 by

If your current kitchen makes it difficult to entertain, interact and perform tasks efficiently, you should consider remodeling your kitchen. If it is a social kitchen with functionality that you want, the U-shaped kitchen with an island is a great design to consider.

Whether you choose to use the island as a workspace, for seating, food prep, for the cooktop, or sink, you can get tasks done while facing out of the kitchen, therefore maximizing interactivity with great functionality. The U-shaped kitchen with an island is called the social kitchen for exactly that reason. If you love to entertain, it allows for conversations while at the same time, keeping an eye on family activities.

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Huge Builder Sale This Weekend!

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 1243 Merriam Lane, Kansas City

FRIDAY THE 18th & SATURDAY THE 19th ONLY: New & used windows & doors, nails & other fasteners, hand & power tools, used appliances, plumbing fixtures, various molding & trim profiles, used hardware, misc. lumber, ladders, propane heaters… AND MORE!


Design Build Team’s shop building is bursting at the seams with left over construction material!  If you are curious, come visit us Friday and Saturday, May 18 and 19, 2012.  We are serving lunch for our friends both days!  What a fun time!

Home Theater Design: Creating a Space for Movie Magic

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When you watch a movie at home, there a few obvious differences than if you were watching it at your local theater. For one, the space. Those who have home theaters understand the difference in having a special designed space to enjoy a blockbuster, tear-jerker, or romantic comedy. If you want movie magic to happen at your home like it does in the multi-plex up the street, you have to invest in proper home theater design.

Designing a home theater is not as simple as putting a few chairs and couches in an empty room in front of a screen. You have to take into account many factors. For example, you have to carefully plan seating at different levels so everyone can see the full screen. You need to consider sound and acoustics in the room. If you are big on ambiance, there needs to be  aesthetic enhancing design present to aide in creating a unique experience.

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Do you want a space that creates movie magic in your Kansas City area home? Contact Design Build Team at 888-570-1828.