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Photos of DeSoto House – What do you think?

Posted on July 26th, 2012 by

Prairie Style basically – just wait till you see how pleasing the proportions, shapes, and spaces are!


Installing the windows:  Pella clad wood,  argon filled and prairie grids.  We left the sun resistance off to enable solar gain.


Note the clerestory with the 3 smaller windows!  Light will play on the interior walls from those 3 small windows!

 Read more about the DeSoto project: Progress on Design Build Team’s project near DeSoto, Kansas



What’s in a Tag Line? DBT’s “We Draw the Details”

Posted on July 23rd, 2012 by

“Dave, What are you doing?’

“I’m drawing framing details.”

“Garret, What are you doing?”

“I’m doing fireplace details in Sketch Up.”

“Dave, Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the job in DeSoto to take the details to the framer.”

Some residential architects do house plans and elevations, hand them to the builder who hands them to his subcontractors and suppliers.  They are the ones who actually end up building the way they are used to building.  Since the architect doesn’t build, he often doesn’t know how things really go together.

You can’t do that before the building is under construction.  You have to draw those details as they are being done – for the framer, for Design Build Team’s own carpenters who usually do the trim.

Fireplace detail in Sketch- Up for house in DeSoto


Framing detail for house in DeSoto


3 Ways to give your Kitchen an Architectural Boost

Posted on July 18th, 2012 by

Architectural details can enhance the flavor of a kitchen’s design, adding a touch of charm and cozy to dinner time with the family. Consider these terrific design methods for adding timeless appeal to your cooking space.

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Integrate your range hood into its surroundings and give the impression of added space and less jutting. The range hood above the stove always sticks out in a kitchen space. Fear not, as you can mix it in with the decor of your cabinets and other architectural elements.

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Implementing exposed beams on the design of your ceiling will bring a rustic feel to your kitchen. The texture of wood can shape the look of your kitchen to appear warm and settled. Light, natural woods are fairly universal in design.

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You can characterize your kitchen with a treatment of furniture-style decor, adding a live-in splash to your kitchen surroundings. Adding table legs to islands or cabinets will transform your kitchen into a cafe-styled lounge, a perfect atmosphere for a cup of coffee while you surf with your laptop.

What design ideas are you thinking about to give your Kansas City home’s kitchen a boost?