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On the Curve: Home Design with Arch Appeal

Posted on November 30th, 2012 by

Walking in a straight line is easy, familiar, and comfortable, but it can become pretty boring. The same goes for home design. The traditional styles tend to predominate, even in forms of modern and contemporary homes with slight variations. However, adding a curveball in the mix can really give any home a truly unique design that visually takes it to another level.


This hillside home has various volumes and curves that give it an immense amount of character. Working in perfect balance, ” the convex curve on the left rooting the house into the site as the concave curve on the right leans over the slope.” – John Hill via


This modern home features a unique curved window cut into the metal facade.



Many people have remodeled barns into a home or living space, but a concrete silo? It may house a staircase that leads to a secluded loft; a nice place to getaway and enjoy the sunrise.

Are you considering a unique design for your Kansas City area home remodeling project?

Dogs appreciate Great Architecture Too!

Posted on November 28th, 2012 by

Architecture is a science and an art form that can have limitless possibilities when sparked from an innovative idea. Many people spend a lot of hard earned money and time having their ideal home designed for their family, which includes their pets too. A new company, Architecture for Dogs, recently launched its interactive website in order to fill that void of dog friendly homes, spaces, and furniture.

torafu architects Dog furniture

Photo Credit: Torafu architects via

The mission of Architecture for Dogs is simple really, bring together world-class architects and designers to design sincere architectural structures that bring  a new kind of joy to the relationship between dogs and humans. The company was founded by designer Kenya Hara in conjunction with Imprint Venture Lab.



Photo Credit: Atelier Bow-Wow via

On the interactive website,, anyone can download free blueprints of each structure in the collection, each designed for a different breed of dog. –

Could your pet’s home use a remodel too?













Happy Thanksgiving Day from Design Build Team!

Posted on November 22nd, 2012 by

It’s the holiday season that truly puts our homes to the test as far as space, design, and efficiency is concerned. Now is a great time to focus on how your home fares under the flow of constant overnight guests, more than two cooks in the kitchen, and a slew of family, friends, and neighbors to entertain.

Great design is always something to be thankful for!

From Design Build Team“Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!”