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Let Stone inspire your Home Exterior Color

Posted on February 17th, 2013 by

Stone usually blends several hues and provides an interesting palette of colors that does not seem forced. As a homeowner you can use an existing stone structure for inspiration when updating exterior color. You can also add stone features to the porch or supporting structures of the home that can be easily remodeled. Below are tips on including stone in a home design project:

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    Let stone show off the beauty of your home exterior.

    Many stone blends include neutrals like gray and brown paired with a deep colorful hue. It’s very simple to customize your home’s exterior to bring out each color represented in the natural stone. Neutrals such as gray or brown are perfect for the garage and exterior doors. The deeper color can be used to paint the exterior of the house.

  • Many home exteriors employ various colors for the major exterior portions, but use white trim. Exterior designers can provide a contrast by using stone as an inspiration for the home’s trim. A rich eggplant, warm beige or other neutral will provide a distinctive accent to your home’s exterior.
  • Using natural wood is a great complement to stone. It works well in bringing out the brown and beige hues. Choose a wood that complements the stone, or perhaps a darker wood for a deep contrast. In addition, selecting one or two colors from the stone palette and using this duo to line the entire exterior will thoroughly complement the stone structure.

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2013 Architecture Predictions

Posted on February 15th, 2013 by
Design Build Team

Check out our predictions for trends in 2013.

Developments in architecture are often slow compared to the rapid pace of design and construction. Taking a look at 2012 offers some insight for what to expect in architecture in 2013.  For Kansas City homeowners, taking into account trends in architecture may make your home more attractive to a potential buyer if you plan on remodeling it for resell.

Taking Mother Nature into Account. The numerous hurricanes and other natural disasters that have characterized weather in the past few years have brought  more awareness to the process of home construction. Some designers have gone so far as to raise the foundation of the home above sea level. Protecting a home from a potential rise in water level is likely to take front and center.

Combining new and old. Sustainable architecture has taken center stage, along with the general focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living.  When developing a plan to rebuild homes destroyed in natural disasters, one architect pairs the old New Orleans style with solar paneling, which provides much needed electricity in the event of an outage.

Re-examining Materials. There has been a strong shift towards using more durable pre-fabricated construction materials (produced off-site) that allow for construction and design processes to bypass poor weather delays. In addition, using cement and other materials that don’t require a lot of upkeep are growing trends in the architecture movement.

To discuss the architectural possibilities for your home remodel contact Design Build Team if you reside in the Kansas City area.

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What is needed to make Architecture Successful?

Posted on February 13th, 2013 by
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Discover the importance of Architecture in home design.

An exquisite piece of architecture is more than just a beautifully designed home. While a homeowner may admire the floor to ceiling windows of a home featured in a magazine, it may be completely impractical for their climate or family life. A successful piece of architecture is ultimately a reflection of the homeowner and is very accommodating to the life they lead. Homeowners seeking a successful Kansas City home architecture project should take the points below into account.

Individualization. Architecture is an extension of oneself like music is an extension of a musician. The stereotypical architect that designs architecture based on their own whims and eccentricities will not be successful. One client may prefer a stainless steel fireplace, while an avid outdoorsman may prefer a more natural material like stone. Whatever the specific piece, architecture should contain the specific input of the homeowner.

No universal solution. There is no one way to design any aspect of a home. The correct solution for any architectural matter is a reflection of the context of the project. Factors such as the local climate, the client’s lifestyle and site conditions will ultimately determine the right solution.

Reflects the client. The unique quirks, humor and preferences of the individuals living in the home will make it their own. Friends, family and loved ones should clearly see the connection between the homeowner and their home.

To make an impact on your home, you should view various architecture designs to discover your preferences. For information on the type of architecture your new home should include call Design Build Team at 888-570-1828.

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