2012 Kitchen Design Trends

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Design Build Team recently came across The 2012 Kitchen Design Trends list on styleathome.com. We wanted to share a few of the trends from the list with you, and encourage you to think about how you want to remodel your own kitchen in 2012.

The Streamlined Kitchen

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Hiding the “operations” of the kitchen allows for a simpler and neater look.

“Design trends are reflecting our more casual and collaborative method of living, preparing, cooking, eating and entertaining. Integrated appliances like drawer-style fridges, and fridges, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers fronted to match the cabinetry, all give a much cleaner look to the kitchen. ” -styleathome.com


Mixing and matching with stained-wood and painted-wood cabinetry

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“It’s no longer just a stained-wood kitchen or a painted kitchen. We are starting to use stained wood and paint in the same kitchen.” – styleathome.com


 Mixed Materials

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The look of mixed materials in the kitchen will be popular this year. “The combination is warm and welcoming rather than sleek and impersonal,” says Lynda Felton, a Toronto-based stylist. – styleathome.com

What kitchen trends are you looking forward to seeing in your own kitchen in 2012?

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