Going Green With Style

Posted on February 6th, 2013 by
Design Build Team Inc.

Enjoy eco-friendly living with your new green remodeling.

Going green isn’t just a fashionable, admired trend – it’s becoming mainstream and even standard. With developments in technology and style, going green is becoming the stylish norm.

In the Southeast US, EarthCraft homes have become quite popular, according to Coastal Living. EarthCraft homes focus on using sustainable energy, eco-friendly building materials, and saving trees and other vegetation already on the lot. If one is building their home from the ground up or doing massive renovations, he or she can consider investing in an EarthCraft home.

Another choice for going green – literally – with style is maintaining a garden of natural vegetation on your property – and inside. Keeping a well landscaped property makes a house more attractive, and when the plants are native, they don’t encourage extra pollen in the air, or fight native plants for space. A homeowner can also put greens inside the home to help clean the air; bamboo palms are well known for this, as air spider plants.

Fresh air is also cultivated with plenty of windows and open spaces. Flowing layouts with plenty of natural light help air circulate and help save energy – close the blinds in the winter to keep the hot sun out, and open them in the winter to let the sun in. Open windows in the summer let air circulate as well. Homeowners can choose windows to fit decor and personal tastes, adding style while saving on heating or cooling costs.

Image via Coastal Living

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