Pet Friendly Design for the Home

Posted on April 16th, 2012 by

It’s true, there is a family member or members that tend to be forgotten sometimes when it comes to a home remodeling project. Who is it? The family pet. Many homeowners can not see their lives without their precious dogs and cats, but let’s face it, we do try to hide the doggy beds and old pillows where the cats rest because it only looks appealing to the pets. Why not design and build visually appealing and comforting spaces in your home that don’t have to be put away when guests come over.

It is actually easier to create a permanent space  like a built in niche for your pet then having to move your pet’s bed around every time you make an interior design change.

Usually the kitchen is the easiest spot to incorporate a built-in doggy niche. But other than for taking a nap and playing with their favorite toy, it’s also good to have a stationary feeding space for your pets as well.

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Another great location in the home for a built-in pet space is the laundry room. Sometimes the kitchen gets too busy so an alternative spot for your cat or dog is in the laundry room since it is usually a low traffic area.

Don’t you think your family pet deserves a special place in the home?

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