Why go with a Design Build Team?

Posted on June 14th, 2010 by

There are many advantages to hiring a design-build firm when building or renovating your home.   Below is a list from the Design-Build Institute of America on reasons why your next home should be Design Build Team built.

  1. Faster Delivery — collaborative project management means work is completed faster with fewer problems.
  2. Cost Savings — an integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation.
  3. Better Quality — design-builders meet performance needs not minimum design requirements.
  4. Singular Responsibility — one entity held accountable for cost, schedule, and performance.
  5. Decreased Administrative Burden — owners can focus on the project rather than managing disparate contracts.
  6. Reduced Risk — the design-build team assumes additional risk.
  7. Reduced Litigation Claims — by closing warranty gaps owners virtually eliminate litigation claims.

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