Kansas City Home Remodel: South Plaza

Posted on March 4th, 2013 by

For homeowners living in Kansas City design build professionals Design Build Team have a special knack for creating a personalized remodel that most importantly shows off the owner’s personality. The recent completion of a South Plaza property by Design Build Team demonstrates just that.

Design Build Team

  • Contemporary Yellow Range Hood. The stove and oven area is often the central focus of the kitchen. A modern range hood with a pop of color adds a vibrant focal point in the kitchen.

Design Build Team

  • Peaceful Infinity Bathtub. From now on when these homeowners have a stressful day, they can retreat to the comfort of their private infinity bathtub. The oversize tub is surrounded with calm blue tiles and earth-toned colors to provide the ultimate retreat.

Design Build Team

  • Inspired Entryway. Beamed ceilings aren’t just for industrialized settings. This contemporary design incorporates carefully placed beams to form a unique entry-way. The rounded door and compass design give a trendy nautical feel to the home.

Design Build Team

  • Mosaic Tile. Who says the stairs have to be one color? Mosaic tile adds a much welcome creative flair to the home and a colorful structure to the stairway.

Design Build Team

  • Entertainment Nook. Lastly, the designers make use of every inch of the home by adding a standing room only bar outside the neatly tucked away entertainment room complete with two easy chairs.

Kansas City area homeowners interested in their own design project can contact Design Build Team for a personalized consultation on how to incorporate personalized touches into their own remodeling project.

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