Let Stone inspire your Home Exterior Color

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Stone usually blends several hues and provides an interesting palette of colors that does not seem forced. As a homeowner you can use an existing stone structure for inspiration when updating exterior color. You can also add stone features to the porch or supporting structures of the home that can be easily remodeled. Below are tips on including stone in a home design project:

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    Let stone show off the beauty of your home exterior.

    Many stone blends include neutrals like gray and brown paired with a deep colorful hue. It’s very simple to customize your home’s exterior to bring out each color represented in the natural stone. Neutrals such as gray or brown are perfect for the garage and exterior doors. The deeper color can be used to paint the exterior of the house.

  • Many home exteriors employ various colors for the major exterior portions, but use white trim. Exterior designers can provide a contrast by using stone as an inspiration for the home’s trim. A rich eggplant, warm beige or other neutral will provide a distinctive accent to your home’s exterior.
  • Using natural wood is a great complement to stone. It works well in bringing out the brown and beige hues. Choose a wood that complements the stone, or perhaps a darker wood for a deep contrast. In addition, selecting one or two colors from the stone palette and using this duo to line the entire exterior will thoroughly complement the stone structure.

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