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Why Your Next Home Project Needs an Architect

Posted on April 23rd, 2014 by

While you’re certainly capable of completing certain projects yourselves, when it comes to large-scale home remodeling and construction, you might benefit more than you think from calling in a professional architect. Not only can they help you get the project running, they may also be able to help you realize your dreams more than you thought was possible.

Architect Blueprint

Utilize the years of experience provided by an professional architect to complete a complex project at home. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire an architect for your next home remodel:

  1. An architect can help you see the big picture and assess your specific needs. He or she will be able to refine your vision and understand the steps necessary to get there.
  2. They are able to satisfy building codes and meet your home’s structural demands. If any building permits are needed, they will handle the paperwork.
  3. An architect can help you hire all the construction professionals needed to complete the job.
  4. Your architect can design and manage the project to make sure it gets done in a timely manner.
  5. Architects have the ability to design an environmentally friendly project and go green with your remodel.

To hire a design professional and get started on your remodel, contact us at Design Build Team today.

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Wood Paneling Is Coming Back in a Big Way

Posted on April 2nd, 2014 by

To some of us, hearing the words “wood paneling” evokes thoughts of the dark, one-dimensional wooden planks of the past. Fortunately, wood paneling in the home has come a long way.

Wood paneling is currently undergoing a resurgence within interior design and architecture. This means that you can bring it back into your home without fear of reverting to caves of days gone by. Detailed below are a few ways to integrate wood paneling in the home.

Balanced light

A room filled with windows allows in great natural light, but it’s important to balance that light properly to lighten the look of wood paneling. Incorporate all the key layers of light, including task, ambient and decorative lighting, to banish harsh shadows and warm up the wooden walls.

Artwork overlay

Hanging a piece of artwork or photograph with a vibrant theme brightens up any wood paneling in the home. The artwork takes the focus off vertical and horizontal wall panels, and transforms them into the perfect backdrop for visual, creative expression.

Lighter floors and furnishings

Balance out the depth of wood paneling with lighter floors and furnishings. Furniture in cool neutrals pop against the dark grain. Flooring with lighter hue creates a stunning contrast against richer shades of paneling.

Contact our experts at Design Build Team to discover the beauty of today’s wood paneling.

Kansas City Homes and Gardens Silver Award For Best Green Home

Posted on March 19th, 2014 by

We wanted to thank KCH&G for highlighting our DeSoto ranch in their recent newsletter. We are proud of the award we received for Best Green Home.

Picture 2

Andrea Darr of KCH&G wrote, “Designed in the Prairie style, this rural DeSoto ranch reached a HERS rating of 61 due to its passive/active solar design and energy-efficiency measures, ranging from rigid insulation under the basement slab and a tight envelope with ERV for fresh air to a high-efficiency wood-burning stove, solar hot water collectors and a ground-source heat pump.”

A special thank you to Andrea for recognizing the hard work that went into this project. We incorporated Aging in Place details so that the homeowners can grow into this space.

What do you think of our DeSoto project.