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Impress Guests with a Luxury Bathroom Design

Posted on November 12th, 2014 by
luxury bathroom design

Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

A luxury bathroom design starts with a careful blending of the layout, color, fixtures, and lighting to create a comfortable room that is spacious and relaxing. When these elements are brought into balance, they create a truly luxurious appearance your guests are sure to appreciate.

Because many bathrooms feel small and cramped, the goal of a luxury bathroom design is to open the space up as much as possible. This can be accomplished by choosing lighter colors and combining these with plenty of windows, skylights, and carefully positioned lighting fixtures.

In addition to this, the choice of sinks, tubs, and faucets is imperative to creating the right aesthetic. These are items you should splurge on as they truly set the tone for the bathroom. Remember, cheap fixtures and faucets will look cheap no matter the backdrop.

Finally, don’t neglect the little details. Adding elements such as fireplaces, mirrored televisions, and heated towel racks are classy touches guests will definitely take notice of.

The Design Build Team, Inc. would be delighted to assist you with the luxury bathroom design of your dreams. We invite you to contact us with the specifications for your bathroom, and we will help you bring your luxurious visions to fruition.

Take in the Fall Season with a Modern Porch Design

Posted on November 4th, 2014 by
modern porch designs

Source: Houzz

The residential landscape is continually evolving and modern porch designs are at the forefront of many of the changes that are taking place. When it comes to sprucing up your home’s appearance, the following are some ideas and elements you’ll want to take note of:

Use Steel. Exposed steel beams and pillars can be used to create an industrial look that conveys strength and sophistication.

Open the Ceiling. Exposed ceiling beams topped with glass create an open space that you can enjoy come rain or shine. Coupled with French doors, this transforms the porch into a pseudo-sunroom that you can use throughout the year.

Light it Up. Incorporating inset lighting, wall sconces, and chandeliers will create a porch that is welcoming and inviting. When coupled with a quality sound system, it will become a place of rest and respite your neighbors will most certainly want to drop in and visit in the twilight hours.

Our team would be happy to help you select the right modern porch design that will enhance your home’s exterior.

We invite you to contact us at Design Build Team to learn more about our services and to begin the process of transforming your home.

Choose the Perfect Bathtub Design

Posted on October 29th, 2014 by
bathtub design

Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

It is important to choose a bathtub design that is comfortable and fits within your home’s decor. The following options are some of our most popular choices and look fabulous within virtually any bathroom.

  1. Wooden Bathtubs – Simple and elegant, you will most certainly want to lay back and relax in a wooden tub. If you desire a natural look within your bathroom, this is most certainly a way to go.
  2. High Backrest Bathtubs - Returning to “old school” design, high backrest bathtubs have been given a modern upgrade. They are comfortable and stylish, and give your back more support as you soak your worries away.
  3. Glass Bathtubs – Crafted from high quality materials, glass bathtubs create a truly modern appearance within the bathroom. Because glass is a neutral building material, these bathtubs are easily paired with everything from brushed nickel and polished brass, to rough cut stone and ceramic tiles.

The Design Build Team, Inc. would be happy to help you determine the best bathtub design for your home. We invite you to contact us with your questions and to discover the many ways we can help you transform your home.