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Designing a Vintage Bathroom

Posted on July 29th, 2013 by


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Recently Vintage bathrooms have become more common, and they always have a classic appeal to homeowners. There are various ways to create a vintage look to your home design by adding a few details from the sink to the tub.

Add a console sink that exposes the piping and has chrome legs. The deck of the sink has defined and wide edges. You can add a chandelier for a touch of elegance. A pedestal sink is another vintage type of sink with a small squared base, but its plumbing is covered.

Cararra marble is a stone that works best for a vintage vanity top and floors in the bathroom. Ceramic cross and lever handles with a white ceramic trim combined with the marble is a classic look. Tubs are freestanding with either claw feet or supported at the base. You can use a shower curtain that encloses the oval shaped tub suspended from the ceiling.

For additional information regarding designing a vintage bathroom, contact Design Build Team today.

Key Elements of a Home Gym

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 by

Here are the elements that must be considered in setting up an home gym:

  • First, the fitness equipment in the home gym must be tailored to the tastes of the homeowners and their families. For example, there is no point to purchasing an exercise bike if no one is going to use it. Making sure that potential users are encouraged to exercise is essential to building a successful home gym.
  • Make sure to have something to keep users entertained during exercise. Popular examples range from having a TV in the room to music and audiobooks. Similarly, make sure that the home gym has conveniences such as towels and bottled water to make the experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Do not forget to install safety features in the home gym and its fitness equipment.

Design Build Team possess both the skills and the experience to help out homeowners interested in a home addition.

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Have You Explored the New Design Build Team Website?

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The new website for the Design Build Team features a gallery of 85 photos of the company’s interior and exterior accomplishments. The gallery includes modern kitchens, beautiful bathrooms, elegant living-great rooms and exteriors. Styles range from traditional to modern rustic and contemporary.

Successful architecture depends on the concepts of clients. Practical solutions to interior and exterior design are based on individuality, incorporating the  clients’ personalities into each home.

image of kitchen

Image via Design Build Team

“Meet Our Team” introduces architects David Dussair and Garret Wilson along with construction manager Andy Pfannes, carpenter Uriel Olea, office and financial managers Linda Pierce and Merejo Duddair.

The Design Build Team has been designing and building custom homes in the Kansas City area since 1975, long before websites existed. The “How We Work” section  explains the concept of combing the architect and the builder into one company to get the best finished home reflecting the architect’s and client’s vision.

image of living area

Image via Design Build Team

The company works with modular construction as a sustainable way to build with less waste. They install energy efficient windows, appliances and other products. Recycling stations can be incorporated into new kitchen design

Driveways, swimming pools, patio decks and foundations for landscaping are all part of the design and construction of the home.  Information on construction and interior trends appears in the blog section of the website.

image of a wine cellar

Image via Design Build Team

The website also has a page for contacting Design Build Team. In addition, information on the company appears on their Facebook page.