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Upgrade Your Living Space with a Modern Family Room Design

Posted on April 16th, 2015 by

Upgrading your home with one of the following modern family room design ideas is a fabulous way to enhance your comfort. It’s also a wonderful way to make your home the most stylish in the neighborhood.

  • family room with large windows

    Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

    Start with the windows. Modern family rooms should feel open and full of warmth. The larger your windows, the more light can fill them and illuminate your family’s days. Along the same lines, incorporate inset lighting and a fireplace to bring warmth into your evenings.

  • You should also consider installing custom built cabinets and shelving into the walls. This will free up the space and provide you spaces for everything from the television to the board games.
  • Finally, the color palette should be muted and earthy. This will create a calming effect that will help bring peace and joy into the home. Couple this with brightly colored furniture to create accents that will truly stand out and bring the room to life.

We would be glad to help you incorporate these modern family room design ideas into your plans. Our team invites you to contact us at Design Build Team Inc. today to begin designing and building your dream home.

Choose the Perfect Bathtub Design

Posted on October 29th, 2014 by
bathtub design

Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

It is important to choose a bathtub design that is comfortable and fits within your home’s decor. The following options are some of our most popular choices and look fabulous within virtually any bathroom.

  1. Wooden Bathtubs – Simple and elegant, you will most certainly want to lay back and relax in a wooden tub. If you desire a natural look within your bathroom, this is most certainly a way to go.
  2. High Backrest Bathtubs – Returning to “old school” design, high backrest bathtubs have been given a modern upgrade. They are comfortable and stylish, and give your back more support as you soak your worries away.
  3. Glass Bathtubs – Crafted from high quality materials, glass bathtubs create a truly modern appearance within the bathroom. Because glass is a neutral building material, these bathtubs are easily paired with everything from brushed nickel and polished brass, to rough cut stone and ceramic tiles.

The Design Build Team, Inc. would be happy to help you determine the best bathtub design for your home. We invite you to contact us with your questions and to discover the many ways we can help you transform your home.

5 Tips for Designing Your Home Library

Posted on October 16th, 2014 by
home library design

Source: Architectural Digest via Architectureartdesigns.com

It is always pleasant to curl up with a good book and allow your mind to explore the vastness of the world within the pages. The right home library design can enhance your favorite books and make them even more enjoyable to explore. Here are five home library design suggestions taken from some truly remarkable libraries:

  • High ceilings create a cavernous space suited for reading everything from Faulkner to King.
  • Let the light in and make sure the library has a combination of directional lighting, large windows, and skylights.
  • Keep it organized with floor to ceiling shelving, showing off a classic style.
  • Frame the room in books. Mold your shelving so that it fits seamlessly with windows, reading areas, and the architectural elements within the room.
  • Make your home library cozy. Be sure that you select decorative elements that you find appealing and that bring your favorite reading genres to life.

Our team is happy to help you turn the page to the right home library design. We invite you to contact us at Design Build Team today for information about our architecture services and the fabulous features we can bring to life within your home.