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5 Chic Bedroom Designs Teen Girls Will Enjoy

Posted on July 2nd, 2015 by

Teen girls have very specific tastes and the following are some chic bedroom design ideas for teen girls that your daughter is sure to love.

teenage girl bedroom design ideas

Source: Architecture Art Designs

Pink with Lavender Accents – By creating a base with a light pink, and accenting it with soft shade of lavender, you’ll create just the right tone to put your daughter in a great mood.

Country Chic – Incorporating natural wood paneling and wicker accents is ideal for the girl who likes the outdoors and loves being surrounded by nature.

Textured Wall Patterns – Installing textured wall tiles gives the room depth and dimension. Mimicking the pattern with bedcovers and pillows ties everything together.

Creative Accents – Square is so 90’s, and adding in curves will give your daughter’s room something special for her to enjoy. By designing circular wall and ceiling accents, you’ll create a genuine flow for creativity to spring forth.

Pish Posh – Silver nightstands, chandeliers, and mirrors look fabulous when coupled with soft white walls, dark curtains, and textured wallpapers.

Do you need help bringing these chic bedroom design ideas for teen girls into your home? Contact Design Build Team and we’ll be glad to make your daughter’s dreams come true.

Bring the Historic Look of a Rustic Living Room into Your Space

Posted on June 4th, 2015 by

Some of the most stylish designs aren’t the ones traipsing through the showrooms of Paris and Milan. The truth is that taking inspiration from the past and coupling it with modern lighting and decor can create a truly charming effect. That’s why we genuinely love these rustic living room design ideas:

exposed oak beams

Source: Architecture Art Designs

  • Strong as Oak. Exposed oak beams and flooring give strength to the decor and provide a solid frame to the room. This look works whether the wood is planed to a fine finish, or left raw with all its imperfections exposed.
  • Hard as Stone. River Stone fireplaces and columns create a visual cue between the home and nature. This softens the design and makes the room a comfortable place to relax.
  • High Heavens. Vaulted ceilings open the room up and provide plenty of space for thoughts to wander and memories to be made.

Our design and building professionals have the skills and experience to bring these rustic living room design ideas to life in your home. When you are ready to hit the trail on your trip into the past, contact us at Design Build Team and we will be happy to lead the way.

Upgrade Your Living Space with a Modern Family Room Design

Posted on April 16th, 2015 by

Upgrading your home with one of the following modern family room design ideas is a fabulous way to enhance your comfort. It’s also a wonderful way to make your home the most stylish in the neighborhood.

  • family room with large windows

    Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

    Start with the windows. Modern family rooms should feel open and full of warmth. The larger your windows, the more light can fill them and illuminate your family’s days. Along the same lines, incorporate inset lighting and a fireplace to bring warmth into your evenings.

  • You should also consider installing custom built cabinets and shelving into the walls. This will free up the space and provide you spaces for everything from the television to the board games.
  • Finally, the color palette should be muted and earthy. This will create a calming effect that will help bring peace and joy into the home. Couple this with brightly colored furniture to create accents that will truly stand out and bring the room to life.

We would be glad to help you incorporate these modern family room design ideas into your plans. Our team invites you to contact us at Design Build Team Inc. today to begin designing and building your dream home.