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Does Your Home Deserve a Classic Home Library?

Posted on May 26th, 2015 by

If you love reading, adding a library to your home design is a great way to envelop your passion into your space, and also to share it with others. The following classic home library design ideas will help you create the perfect scholarly space.

home library design

Source: Freshome

  • Try designing bookshelves into two adjacent walls. Floor to ceiling bookshelves look very classic and stately. In the corner between the walls, place an area rug and a few comfortable chairs where you can sit and read.
  • You can create a small library near a window overlooking a beautiful yard, golf course, or other landscape. Build bookshelves above the window and to its sides, and create a seating area facing the window so you can look out as you read.
  • Tall cabinets with glass doors make for a lovely library setup. The doors protect the books from dust, making it easier to keep them clean. Employ this design idea if you have an old or valuable book collection. Of course, a couple of sofas nearby soften the space.

We hope these classic home library design ideas inspire you. Contact us at Design Build Team today for information regarding our architecture services in Overland Park.

Enjoy the Ruggedness of a Western Dining Room Design

Posted on May 12th, 2015 by

Incorporating western dining room design ideas into your home is a lot of fun and a perfect way to show off your creativity. Rugged and strong, western design is unrefined, which gives it a considerable amount of charm.

western dining room ideas

Source: homedesignlover.com

Wood and stone are the most crucial elements to include in your design. Rough hewn wood floors and exposed beams give the room a solid feel. Coupled with stone accents, the result is a dining room that subtly conveys the pureness of nature.

For a more daring appearance, consider adding in deer horn chandeliers or hunting trophies. These visual elements will stand out and become popular topics of conversation.

Finally, paint the room with a textured, soft-color paint or stucco. This will soften the harder elements within the room and provide a relaxing backdrop for your family gatherings and special occasions. You will also want to install as many windows as possible to bring natural light into your room.

We would be happy to explore some western dining room design ideas wit you. Please contact us at Design Build Team Inc. today with your ideas so we can get to work making you feel at home on the range.

Give Your Home Office a Contemporary Look With Gray

Posted on May 5th, 2015 by

When you are ready to bring a modern touch to your work, consider these amazing gray home office design ideas. Each of the following ideas will offer ways to give your home office a classic look:

grey home office

Source: Homedesignlover.com

  • Consider adding in a gray accent wall in front of or behind your desk. This will cut down on sun glare and give you a clean wall to look upon when you need to clear your thoughts. To enhance this effect, texture the wall with soft white or black.
  • You can also add in a touch of gray carpeting. This will create a subtle foundation that looks marvelous when coupled with dark hardwoods and white cabinetry.
  • You can paint the entire room light gray and couple this with white trim. This creates a subtle contrast that is gentle on the eye and will help you relax as you do everything from household finances to calculating your payroll.

We invite you to contact ust at Design Build Team, Inc. for more about these great gray home office design ideas. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and begin the process of helping you to decorate your new home.