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Design an Elegant French Bedroom

Posted on August 26th, 2014 by

French bedroom designs are elegant, charming, and oh so refined. From the drapes to the bedding, it truly is one of the most refreshing design options you can choose. Here are some elements that you will most certainly want to consider and include in your design plans.

French bedroom designs

Source: Homedesignlover.com

Give the bed plenty of attention and space. The bed should be set towards the center of the room and festooned with a large, ostentatious headboard that draws attention to the piece. To complete the bed space, be sure it is illuminated by a chandelier, wall sconces, or recessed lighting set with dimmer switches to help finish the romantic ambiance of the room.

Finally, be sure to utilize an abundance of crown molding and trim. This should be used to draw attention to the walls and ceiling as much as possible. Indeed, the patterns and details decorative moldings create is one of the key elements that makes French bedroom designs so unique and appealing.

French bedroom designs are just one of the many specialties we offer our clients. We invite you to contact us at Design Build Team, Inc. to learn more about the skills and talents we can bring to bear on your projects.

Unique Ways to Decorate with Mirrored Furniture

Posted on July 30th, 2014 by

Decorating with mirrored furniture gives your rooms a little added depth embedded right in the decor. Here are some creative and interesting ways to incorporate mirrors into your design plans:

  • Place mirrored tops on coffee tables, buffets, and dining tables. These create a nice connection between the room and the items you’re serving.
  • Add mirrored doors to cabinetry. The reflection will open the room up while enhancing the ambiance.
  • Searching for a truly modern look? Select polished metal. It’s easy to maintain and the reflective finish will have all your guests talking about it for days.
  • Use mirrors as highlights. Oversized mirrors placed above fireplaces or along walls are irresistible, and you will want to stare into them as often as you can.
  • Finally, use mirrors to enhance patterns located within the furniture, carpets, or walls. It is an easy way to get more bang for your buck and further the reach of the patterns and styles you truly enjoy being surrounded by.
decorating with mirrored furniture

Source: Houzz

The Design Build Team, Inc. would be happy to help you decorate you home with mirrored furniture. All you have to do is contact us at 913-722-1443 and we’ll be happy to give you a hand.

Spice Up Your Dining Room with Orange

Posted on July 23rd, 2014 by

Orange. Its fiery flair is just what the architect ordered to bring your dining room to life. Here are some orange dining room design ideas that your dinner guests are sure to be impressed with.

  1. Use orange as an accent. Bright orange is ideally suited for use as along an accent wall, and it looks absolutely stunning when used in conjunction with creamy white ceilings and metallic fixtures.
  2. Use orange throughout. Darker oranges such as pumpkin or burnt orange provide a subdued background that looks fabulous when matched with white crown moulding and chair rails.
  3. Incorporate orange as part of a pattern. Adding orange to patterns that include grey, blue, and even black gives the design a colorful and playful nature that makes the whole design stand up and come to life.

The best reason to incorporate a touch of orange is that it can be easily used with a wide variety of designs. From traditional to modern, a touch of orange creates a truly remarkable ambiance.

orange dining room design ideas

Source: Houzz

The Design Build Team, Inc. would be happy to help you design the dining room of your dreams. To learn more about the services we have to offer, contact us by calling 913-722-1443.