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5 Brilliant Design Ideas for Your Basement Bathroom

Posted on July 28th, 2015 by

When it comes to basement bathroom design ideas, it’s always helpful to choose brilliant designs. The following ideas have plenty of character and charm, giving your basement bathroom the perfect look and feel.


Source: Home Design Lover

  • Add a colorful accent wall. Accent walls brighten the room up and transform it into a cheery space to take a shower and get ready in the morning.
  • Install a curbless shower. You’ll suffer no more stubbed toes with this super sleek and modern feature.
  • Make it a sauna. By including ceramic tiles and a steam shower, you can find the rest and relaxation of a full-service spa right in your basement.
  • Brighten it up. Incorporate task lighting, floor lighting, and wall sconces. This will create layers of light that make the room feel larger and more welcoming.
  • Use tile liberally. Using tile, it is easy to create fun and festive designs that will give the room plenty of personality and warm, cheerful appearance perfect for an evening soak in the tub.

Are you ready to bring these basement bathroom design ideas into your home? Contact Design Build Team and we’ll get to work designing and building the basement bathroom you have always wanted.

Have You Considered a Classic Black and Green Living Room?

Posted on July 21st, 2015 by

Peas and carrots may seem like opposites, but when combined they create a truly delicious treat. The same is true with black and green living room design ideas. In fact, these create a fabulous palette for the eyes to feast upon. 

black and green

Source: Home Design Lover

Bringing black and green together creates strong definition within the room. This can be achieved by combining green walls with black furniture, or vice versa. This creates a visual effect that is stunningly solid and relaxing.

Black is a firm color that provides strength to the visual decor. Conversely, you can use varying shades of green to soften the decor to your tastes. The lighter the green you select, the softer the appeal will be. A further softening can be achieved by using patterns within the decor. Zebra stripes, floral designs, and eclectic art nouveau patterns can shake things up and create a nice contrast within the decor of the room.

We invite you to contact Design Build Team, Inc. for more details about the black and green living room design ideas we can create for you. Our architects in Overland Park will be happy to help you start your next project.

5 Chic Bedroom Designs Teen Girls Will Enjoy

Posted on July 2nd, 2015 by

Teen girls have very specific tastes and the following are some chic bedroom design ideas for teen girls that your daughter is sure to love.

teenage girl bedroom design ideas

Source: Architecture Art Designs

Pink with Lavender Accents – By creating a base with a light pink, and accenting it with soft shade of lavender, you’ll create just the right tone to put your daughter in a great mood.

Country Chic – Incorporating natural wood paneling and wicker accents is ideal for the girl who likes the outdoors and loves being surrounded by nature.

Textured Wall Patterns – Installing textured wall tiles gives the room depth and dimension. Mimicking the pattern with bedcovers and pillows ties everything together.

Creative Accents – Square is so 90’s, and adding in curves will give your daughter’s room something special for her to enjoy. By designing circular wall and ceiling accents, you’ll create a genuine flow for creativity to spring forth.

Pish Posh – Silver nightstands, chandeliers, and mirrors look fabulous when coupled with soft white walls, dark curtains, and textured wallpapers.

Do you need help bringing these chic bedroom design ideas for teen girls into your home? Contact Design Build Team and we’ll be glad to make your daughter’s dreams come true.