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Maximizing Space in Residential Design

Posted on March 11th, 2013 by
kitchen space

Kitchen space designed by Design Build Team

With the real estate crisis of the most recent years, everything from homes to malls and shopping centers have been vacated. Many municipalities have been left with the conflicting decision of how to reuse their excess empty space. This is where residential design enthusiasts enter.

A group of architects have transformed one of Providence’s oldest landmarks, and the nation’s oldest shopping mall, into an enviable living space. The mall now hosts 48 micro apartments ranging from 225 to 450 square feet. At about $550 rent each month, residents won’t need to bring much. The apartments come complete with built-in beds and unique storage options.

Even if living in such a small space seems undesirable or impractical, any homeowner can glean some tips for efficient residential design from this micro-design project. When constructing or remodeling a home, taking traffic flow into account can make much more efficient use of space. Also, look at every piece of furniture and corner as a potential storage option.

In a recent home design project, Design Build Team took a small nook, and turned it into a place for leisure and storage. The addition of a flat screen T.V. and two cozy arm chairs make the nook a small, yet comfortable place to enjoy TV. Furthermore, it’s out of the way of other household distractions.

Homeowners interested in efficient residential design, can contact our team here at Design Build Team for a personalized consultation.


image via Design Build Team

3 Reasons to Choose Modular Construction

Posted on March 8th, 2013 by
modular home

Modular home by Design Build Team

Modular construction has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners. According to a National Association of Home Builder’s conference, the benefits of modular construction lie primarily in savings, including money, as well as sustainable design. A few other added benefits of modular construction include:

  • Savings in Time. The average home takes nearly seven months to build. This is often due to circumstances beyond the buyer and builder’s control such as rain delays. Most modular homes are constructed in about five months, and they can be constructed as quickly as the buyer can make design decisions.
  • Financial benefits. When constructing a modular home, buyers save approximately $20 per square foot in their permit value. Comparing permit price is a more accurate estimate than sale price, due to the speculative nature of construction sales.
  • Construction benefits. In addition to saving the buyer time and money, modular homes are built an a temperature-controlled environment, and are not as susceptible to the moisture problems common in homes constructed on site.

Our Green Generation Homes offer a sustainable contemporary or traditional design ranging from 1,200 to 2,400 square feet. Call the Design Build Team at 888-570-1828 to discuss creating a green, energy-efficient modular home with our design experts.


image via Design Build Team

Let Stone inspire your Home Exterior Color

Posted on February 17th, 2013 by

Stone usually blends several hues and provides an interesting palette of colors that does not seem forced. As a homeowner you can use an existing stone structure for inspiration when updating exterior color. You can also add stone features to the porch or supporting structures of the home that can be easily remodeled. Below are tips on including stone in a home design project:

  • Design Build Team

    Let stone show off the beauty of your home exterior.

    Many stone blends include neutrals like gray and brown paired with a deep colorful hue. It’s very simple to customize your home’s exterior to bring out each color represented in the natural stone. Neutrals such as gray or brown are perfect for the garage and exterior doors. The deeper color can be used to paint the exterior of the house.

  • Many home exteriors employ various colors for the major exterior portions, but use white trim. Exterior designers can provide a contrast by using stone as an inspiration for the home’s trim. A rich eggplant, warm beige or other neutral will provide a distinctive accent to your home’s exterior.
  • Using natural wood is a great complement to stone. It works well in bringing out the brown and beige hues. Choose a wood that complements the stone, or perhaps a darker wood for a deep contrast. In addition, selecting one or two colors from the stone palette and using this duo to line the entire exterior will thoroughly complement the stone structure.

When you are ready to begin planning the remodel of your Kansas City home, contact Design Build Team at 888-570-1828.

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