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4 Things to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on August 25th, 2015 by

Designing a new bathroom is about creating balance between the features and amenities you want, the space you have available, and the lifestyle you want to live. To achieve that balance, the following are five things you should consider as you go about the design process.

Source: Kitchen Bath Trends

Source: Kitchen Bath Trends

  1. Start with privacy. Carefully consider window placement, the location of the toilet, and whether you want to segregate your bathroom space to enhance privacy.
  2. Consider resale when determining features/fixtures. You should make your bathroom comfortable for your needs, but not so customized that a potential buyer would be turned away.
  3. Create a theme. The theme of your bathroom should blend with your home. If you have traditional designs within the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, then that same theme should be extended into the bathroom.
  4. Factor in efficiency. Lighting and plumbing fixtures should be chosen for their energy efficiency. This is becoming an increasingly important selling point and it will help you save money on your utility bills.

The team at Design Build Team, Inc. can help you navigate these bathroom remodel considerations. We invite you to contact us when you are ready to design the bathroom that fits your needs perfectly.

Have You Considered a Classic Black and Green Living Room?

Posted on July 21st, 2015 by

Peas and carrots may seem like opposites, but when combined they create a truly delicious treat. The same is true with black and green living room design ideas. In fact, these create a fabulous palette for the eyes to feast upon. 

black and green

Source: Home Design Lover

Bringing black and green together creates strong definition within the room. This can be achieved by combining green walls with black furniture, or vice versa. This creates a visual effect that is stunningly solid and relaxing.

Black is a firm color that provides strength to the visual decor. Conversely, you can use varying shades of green to soften the decor to your tastes. The lighter the green you select, the softer the appeal will be. A further softening can be achieved by using patterns within the decor. Zebra stripes, floral designs, and eclectic art nouveau patterns can shake things up and create a nice contrast within the decor of the room.

We invite you to contact Design Build Team, Inc. for more details about the black and green living room design ideas we can create for you. Our architects in Overland Park will be happy to help you start your next project.

Your Kansas City Dining Room Deserves a Rustic Look

Posted on June 30th, 2015 by

There’s something inherently comforting about rustic home design. It speaks to the soul and makes you feel right at home which is why we highly recommend the following rustic dining room design ideas and elements.

rustic home design

Source: Architecture Art Designs

  • Expose the beams. A traditional English look is easy to create with white walls contrasted with either bare, or lightly stained wood beams.
  • Bench seating. Set along the walls, bench seats provide a comfortable place to relax. They also allow you to make maximum use of the space within the room.
  • Soft White Lighting. Gentle lighting is best in the dining room. Frosted glass chandeliers with low wattage bulbs create a charming and pleasant ambiance.
  • Stone Fireplaces. A stone fireplace creates an inviting backdrop to any gathering. Not only is it visually appealing, the crackle and pop of burning wood creates a pleasant atmosphere for the evening.
  • Out of the Ordinary. Unique items, such as deer antler chandeliers or hunting trophies. give the room character, and provide visual cues about your interests that initiate enlivened dinner conversations.

Are you considering implementing these rustic dining room design ideas? Contact us at Design Build Team Inc. and we’ll help you in the process.