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5 Rustic Kids Bedroom Design Ideas You’ll Love

Posted on March 4th, 2015 by

No matter how old you get, there’s no denying the rustic charm of the good old-fashioned style. If you’re searching for some creative rustic kids bedroom design ideas, look no further than these five blasts from the wilderness past:

  • Log beds. Nothing is quite as relaxing as going to sleep on a rough cut log bed framed by rough planked walls and decor.
  • Light it up. Use old wagonwheels, coffee lamps, and historically inspired fixtures to illuminate your child’s sparkling imagination.
  • Set it in stone. Stone creates a truly solid surface that is ideal for everything from the walls to the floors.
  • Expose the beams. Exposed beams coupled with wrought iron framing around beds, tables, etc. create an atmosphere reminiscent of an old mining camp.
  • Create contrast. This can be done by using natural wood for furniture alongside solid white walls. The contrast is gentle and creates a natural room ambiance conducive to everything from study to play.
rustic kids bedroom design ideas

Source: Montana Build via Decoist

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5 Important Home Design Mistakes to Avoid Making

Posted on February 17th, 2015 by
home design mistakes to avoid

Your kitchen should be in a central location, rather than tucked away from the rest of the home. Source: Houzz

“Oops” and “yuck” are two words that you don’t want to say when you’re finished designing a home. When it comes to home design mistakes to avoid, the following are five you’ll want to steer well clear of:

  • Narrow rooms, or rooms without windows. These are claustrophobic and are akin to building a cave within your home. If you have a small room, consider turning it into a large master closet.
  • Bathrooms beside kitchens/dining areas. This is just uncomfortable. While convenient for entertaining, the bathroom should be well away from any eating or food preparation areas.
  • Small master bedrooms. The master bedroom should feel palatial, spacious, and large enough for you to relax within.
  • Hiding the kitchen. The kitchen is a gathering place and should never be tucked into a corner of the home.
  • Dim lighting. The home should always feel open and welcoming, and rooms that are poorly lit convey a closed and unfriendly personality.

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See the Beauty in Mediterranean Style Living Rooms

Posted on February 11th, 2015 by

Mediterranean style living room designs are simply magnificent to behold. Featuring soft tones and subtle textures, they create a relaxing room the whole family will enjoy. The following are the core elements that make the design come to life within your home:

  • Exposed beams. Oak and walnut beams provide ceiling accents that are absolutely stunning. The darker the stain on the wood, the more they will stand out within the room.
  • Defined arches. Harkening back to the days of Roman influence, arches soften the appearance of the room and invite everyone to come in and sit for a bit.
  • Stucco. Tan and textured, stucco gives the room a calming and very relaxing ambiance.
  • Wrought iron. The hard appearance of black iron fireplaces and strong and sturdy banisters is something you simply can’t do without.
  • Stylish chandeliers and/or pendant lighting. Chandeliers hanging from vaulted ceilings create an airy sense of openness and set the mood for every occasion.
Mediterranean style living room designs

Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

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