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Upgrade Your Living Space with a Modern Family Room Design

Posted on April 16th, 2015 by

Upgrading your home with one of the following modern family room design ideas is a fabulous way to enhance your comfort. It’s also a wonderful way to make your home the most stylish in the neighborhood.

  • family room with large windows

    Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

    Start with the windows. Modern family rooms should feel open and full of warmth. The larger your windows, the more light can fill them and illuminate your family’s days. Along the same lines, incorporate inset lighting and a fireplace to bring warmth into your evenings.

  • You should also consider installing custom built cabinets and shelving into the walls. This will free up the space and provide you spaces for everything from the television to the board games.
  • Finally, the color palette should be muted and earthy. This will create a calming effect that will help bring peace and joy into the home. Couple this with brightly colored furniture to create accents that will truly stand out and bring the room to life.

We would be glad to help you incorporate these modern family room design ideas into your plans. Our team invites you to contact us at Design Build Team Inc. today to begin designing and building your dream home.

Three Wonderful Benefits of a Custom Designed Home

Posted on April 2nd, 2015 by

“Should I buy or design a home?” It’s a question many people ask themselves when it’s time to move into a new home. As you consider your options, be sure you consider the following benefits of custom home design:

Source: Houzz.com

  • Maximum creativity. When you build you can include precisely the features you want, and put them precisely where you want. This makes including everything from a private library to a relaxing sauna as simple as including them in the plans.
  • Reliable construction. Not only will you be able to help select the materials that are used, you’ll be able to supervise their installation and see that the work is done to the exact standards you’ve set forth for your architect and builder.
  • The challenge. Designing a home is more complicated than buying one, but it gives you plenty of opportunities to tweak things and make changes along the way. The result is that the home you move into will be one where you are 100 percent comfortable and relaxed.

We invite you to contact our team at Design Build Team today to learn more about the benefits of custom home design. We’ll be happy to assist you in your design plans.

Enjoy the Classic Look of Traditional Bedroom Design

Posted on March 26th, 2015 by

We love sharing traditional bedroom design ideas with our clients. While we love pushing the envelope of design, we also recognize that traditional bedroom designs are brilliant in their simplicity and the comfort they create in your home.

traditional bedroom designs

Source: Houzz

We recommend consideration of the following tips for your bedroom design:

  • Keep the colors simple. White, brown, and light grey are fabulous choices as they’ll help you wind down at the end of the day and they’ll help ease you up when a new day begins.
  • Include a touch of contrast. It’s a good idea to select blues, reds, greens, and yellows to contrast your primary room color. A gentle splash is all it takes to make a big difference.
  • Hang a chandelier. Elegant and illuminating, you’ll love the way a chandelier brings the bedroom to life. Coupled with wall sconces and inset lighting, you’ll create a perfect lighting environment for every occasion.

We invite you to contact our team at Design Build Team, Inc. today for more traditional bedroom design ideas. Our builders and designers will be happy to give you more details and help you select the features and elements that are ideal for your comfort.