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5 Tips for Designing Your Home Library

Posted on October 16th, 2014 by
home library design

Source: Architectural Digest via Architectureartdesigns.com

It is always pleasant to curl up with a good book and allow your mind to explore the vastness of the world within the pages. The right home library design can enhance your favorite books and make them even more enjoyable to explore. Here are five home library design suggestions taken from some truly remarkable libraries:

  • High ceilings create a cavernous space suited for reading everything from Faulkner to King.
  • Let the light in and make sure the library has a combination of directional lighting, large windows, and skylights.
  • Keep it organized with floor to ceiling shelving, showing off a classic style.
  • Frame the room in books. Mold your shelving so that it fits seamlessly with windows, reading areas, and the architectural elements within the room.
  • Make your home library cozy. Be sure that you select decorative elements that you find appealing and that bring your favorite reading genres to life.

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Consider the Beauty of Mediterranean Exterior Design

Posted on October 14th, 2014 by

If you are looking for a home that will stand out from the landscape, then a Mediterranean exterior design is a style you will most certainly want to look at. In fact, everyone else in town will want to look at your home when it is done if you include the following features:

  1. Grand entryways. An arched entry with strategic lighting goes a long way towards inviting your guests in. Coupled with fountains, foliage, and patio tiles, your guests will feel as if they are entering into an exotic palace.
  2. Large windows. Floor to ceiling windows provide marvelous vistas of the world outside. If you include a few in your living rooms and dining rooms, your guests will enjoy basking in the warm ambiance.
  3. Wrought Iron. From handrails to benches, wrought iron conveys strength and durability. These provide a nice touch of color that is perfectly contrasted by the stucco walls and tiled roofs inherent to Mediterranean exterior design.
Mediterranean exterior design

Source: Houzz

A Mediterranean exterior design is just one of the many specialty styles the Design Build Team, Inc. can assist you with. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and the projects we can complete for you.

Add an Industrial Look with Exposed Brick Walls

Posted on October 8th, 2014 by
exposed brick wall design

Source: Houzz

An exposed brick wall design gives your home an industrial and laid back appearance. Whether within a loft or as the backdrop for a living room, the timeless charm of exposed brick never goes out of style.

Combined with the right lighting and choice of paint, exposed bricks create a modern appearance that everyone appreciates. It is simple, but far from simplistic. This is why it remains as popular a choice today as it was 100 years ago.

The secret to effectively creating the industrial, modern look with an exposed brick wall is to simplify the other elements within the room. Doing so ensures that your furniture, pictures, etc. don’t overpower the brick backdrop. When combined, the brick should serve as the foundation, while your furniture and accessories should be selected to serve as accents to this. As part of this, be sure to select pieces whose colors and shapes appropriately contrast the colors and shapes of the brick

The Design Build Team, Inc. would be happy to develop an exposed brick wall design that suits your home and your design vision. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and the beautiful design features we can install within your home.