Clever Ways to Decorate Your Small Hallway Walls

Posted on May 19th, 2015 by
small hallway

Small hallways can be more than just pathways from one room to another. When decorated properly, they can serve as small capsules of decor, adding interest and character to your home. Here are a few decorating ideas for small hallway walls.

A small table, placed along a wall and beneath a few hung photographs, makes for a lovely display. You can accentuate the table with some accessories, like an old ink blotter or a vase of flowers.

Try hanging a mirror in the hallways. Drape some interesting beads or scarves over it to add some Moroccan-inspired style to the space. …

Craving a Classic Look? Opt for Tradional Staircase Design

Posted on April 28th, 2015 by
staircase design

Traditional staircase design ideas are intended to conjure up images of elegance and class. From the soft and flowing lines of a curved staircase to the straightforward approach of a single-flight, we’d like to discuss some elements we want you to consider.

Start by adopting a multi-tone approach. Consider using exposed hardwood for the tread, and painted wood for the riser. Coupled with solid wood newel posts and an elegant baluster, the effect is truly remarkable.

Another classic touch you can include is wrought iron. Wrought iron looks fabulous when coupled with either traditional or modern architecture. Further, it’s durable and easy …

Welcome Warm Weather with a Tropical Kitchen Design

Posted on April 23rd, 2015 by
bamboo flooring

There’s just something about the sea that inspires creativity, and there’s no better room in the house to get creative than the kitchen. To help get things started, consider the following tropical kitchen design ideas that are guaranteed to spice things up.

One way to start is to use bamboo. Bamboo flooring and wall coverings are durable and environmentally friendly. They’ll also give your kitchen a solid foundation of tropical charm that pairs well with stainless steel ranges and appliances.

Another element you’ll want to pay close attention to are your lighting fixtures. Tropical inspired designs that mimic pineapples or palm …