Design a Luxurious Living Room with Gold Accents

Posted on August 27th, 2015 by
Source: Decoist

Gold gets the glory when it comes to design, and there are some fabulous living room design ideas with gold accents for you to enjoy. Whether you want a little or a lot, a touch of gold looks beautiful when coupled with modern design elements.

Adding gold to contemporary interiors is best done by using the gold as an accent. Thus, you’ll want to foster a neutral color palette for the gold to splash against. This means choosing a color palette that includes any of the following: white, light brown, beige, or black.

While gold leaf makes the greatest statement, the look …

4 Things to Consider For Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on August 25th, 2015 by
Source: Kitchen Bath Trends

Designing a new bathroom is about creating balance between the features and amenities you want, the space you have available, and the lifestyle you want to live. To achieve that balance, the following are five things you should consider as you go about the design process.

Start with privacy. Carefully consider window placement, the location of the toilet, and whether you want to segregate your bathroom space to enhance privacy. Consider resale when determining features/fixtures. You should make your bathroom comfortable for your needs, but not so customized that a potential buyer would be turned away. Create a theme. The …

5 Brilliant Design Ideas for Your Basement Bathroom

Posted on July 28th, 2015 by

When it comes to basement bathroom design ideas, it’s always helpful to choose brilliant designs. The following ideas have plenty of character and charm, giving your basement bathroom the perfect look and feel.

Add a colorful accent wall. Accent walls brighten the room up and transform it into a cheery space to take a shower and get ready in the morning. Install a curbless shower. You’ll suffer no more stubbed toes with this super sleek and modern feature. Make it a sauna. By including ceramic tiles and a steam shower, you can find the rest and relaxation of a full-service spa right in …